Six Luxury Lifestyle Blogs Beau Satchelle Enjoys

Six Luxury Lifestyle Blogs Beau Satchelle Enjoys

So on a personal note, as a child, one of my many answers to “what do I want to be when I grow up” asked by grownups that influenced my life as a child (besides a veterinarian, a circus ringmaster and the manager of the next Jackson Five singing group), I was going to be the next Gloria Vanderbilt. I grew up when paper dolls were in vogue and I absolutely loved drawing clothes and was taught to sew by my Mom. As a teenager, I collected every magazine (way before the internet) that featured the latest and greatest in fashion for young women.

However, my career as a fashion designer didn’t pan out, but my love for beautiful things has grown immensely. Since the pre-launch of Beau Satchelle to the world and thanks to my world traveled partner and artist extraordinaire T. Michael who has broadened my experiences to another level in the world of luxury. Subsequently, my tastes have grown more sophisticated, I genuinely appreciate quality and excellence whether it be a wearing a handcrafted leather handbag, dining in a Michelin Star restaurant, or displaying treasured heirloom jewelry. The artist, chef or craftsman has put love and perfection into his or her work, which is what affluent customers deem priceless.

As we build our business, we keep an eye on our luxury leather competitors, but it’s just as important to understanding our market’s buying habits in other industries and how they engage in their chosen lifestyles. Our true love is leather, but we embrace the high standard of living our clients seek when it comes to discernment, uniqueness and beauty.

The growth of our business has a lot to do with our connections to our local, national and international network of business associates, however, we also have a number of luxury and lifestyle blogs we turn to for learning content. For Beau Satchelle, the blogs we read sometimes change and are put in rotation but always need to stay current, knowledgeable and communicate substantial material that can refer our readers to as well.

Beau Satchelle’s current top six luxury lifestyle blogs that we follow:

1. Robb Report ( – covers the best of the best of luxury lifestyle in areas of autos, real estate and watches to affluent buyers. The contributors do an invaluable job in reviewing indulgent products and services.

2. Luxury travel diary ( – quality blog that covers the best travel destinations and all the accessories (fashion, gadgets, and miscellaneous items) that enhance the experience

3. Lorrie White ( – a fierce luxury influencer who rubs elbows with the ultra affluent globally, yet defines luxury as a “quality of life”….an enlightened approach to living. She is her brand and her blog is filled with unique content.

4. Pursuitist ( – distinctive blog that highlights the hottest trends in travel, leisure, food and style. Excellent content on luxury lifestyle subjects that matter to the affluent consumer searching for the next best gadget or experience when money is no object. Interesting series of posts called “The Overhead Compartment with….” that interviews celebrities and athletes who love to travel.

5. Just Luxe ( – another terrific site of writers contributing from all over the globe for its variety of content on everything luxury lifestyle (the blog post on Jimmy Choo’s collaboration with Swarovski for his 2017 Collection is a woman’s dream).

6. The Business of Fashion ( – focuses more on brands and retailers and the global impact of this industry. It features opinion makers with the industry, technology’s impact on fashion, and just about any subject dealing with the business of luxury marketing

Beau Satchelle will be introducing on our blog in the near future local and global influencers who have agreed to partner with us to feature our new leather accessories. Stay tuned! -AJ

What is your favorite luxury lifestyle ? Let us know


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