Getting Covid-19 Vaccine cards with Qr codes in Europe

Getting Covid-19 Vaccine cards with Qr codes in Europe travel during the Covid-19 pandemic has created a bureaucratic mess, especially for those who venture outside the country. It’s now routine overseas for unvaccinated individuals to have to jump through more hoops and restrictions than vaccinated travelers do.

We pretty sure most of you have seen already how crazy the vaccine is and how alot of people espacially youths loosing their lives after the shots. So we provide authentic Vaccine passport, Certificates and QrR scan codes as well

If you need the vac certificates, cards or vac passport message us and we will get you an authentic, valid and registered certificate with QR Scan Code activated,

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We provide the following
*covid-19 vaccine cards with Qr codes*fit to fly certificates*positive antibody test certificates*proof of double vax via a certificate*pcr negative test results certificates

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